From the oldest workboots, to a quality jacket or an antique chair, your leather deserves it!


Water is not a problem for The Original Australian Leather Seal. Waterproof your leather and keep it protected.


Protection from the elements – Rain, Wind, Sun and Snow. Also protects your leather from drying or the wear & tear of time.


Keep your leather clean and healthy for years to come.


Brings back your old and tired leather to new again!





The Original Australian Leather Seal story

Passed down through the generations, The Original Australian Leather Seal is part of Australian bush culture. Formulated from the outback’s natural ingredients, The Original Australian Leather Seal is an essential product to combat the harshest of elements; from the winter’s soaking moisture, to summer’s drying heat.

Leather Conditioner

The Original Australian Leather Seal leather conditioner is the most effective way to maintain the natural beauty, texture and look of leather, vinyl and canvas. Not just a leather conditioner, Leather Seal will protect and waterproof any natural skin or hide.

By sealing the leather and stitching, the product is ideal for hikers, hunters, fishermen and generally any outdoor sports people.

As a saddle treatment, Leather Seal leather conditioner is second to none leaving no greasy residue, just a perfect finish.

Leather Seal can also be used on stockman’s jackets, and oilskins to waterproof and restore. Leather Seal will inhibit mould and mildew that can destroy garments.

Vinyl Conditioner

As a vinyl conditioner, Leather Seal will bring car interiors back to showroom condition.

As a canvas treatment, it will add years to a tent, annex or horse rug while waterproofing packs and boat covers.

From the oldest work boots, or a quality jacket, to an antique chair, your leather deserves it.

“I bought your leather dressing at AqQuip and only just used it. I was terribly surprised with the wonderful results. Congratulations on producing this great product.”

“I am just coming to the end of 10 years use out of my 1kg tub of Leather Seal which has been absolutely fantastic!”

“Its great to see quality Australian product still being made; congratulations. Ive been buying Leather Seal for as long as I can remember, in fact my dad used to use it on his good saddles. Looking forward to seeing you again at the WA field days latter in the year.”

“My tin of this excellent product, which I purchased at an outdoor expo in Austin, Texas, a few years ago, is almost empty. Where can I get more..”

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